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George Greven


I love photography. However, my career path started in a different direction, which actually helped me be a better photographer. 

I started my career as an art director with ad agencies and Fortune 500 corporations. I’ve art directed many photo shoots with nationally-recognized photographers, concepting the idea, then supervising the photographer to capture the image consisting of products, fashion and editorial imagery. 


While I love doing traditional photography, what separates me from other photographers is what happens after the image is captured.

Photography can be expensive. 

 Clients like to save money. 

Often, to protect the budget, I would take the photo and build it into something that would be cost-prohibitive, or even impossible, to create in-camera. 

I’ve taken that experience and put it behind the lens. 

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I can help you sell a house. A product. Immortalize a life event.

My goal is to create a lasting image that fulfills your needs. Let's start a conversaton.

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